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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  1. How are Duct Tape and Gaffers Tape Similar?
    Both products are made of cloth (woven cotton), are available in many colors and can be used to secure cable, cord and carpet.
  2. How do they differ?
    Duct Tape has a shiny surface while Gaffers Tape has a flat matte non-reflective surface.
  3. Who uses Gaffers Tape? Duct Tape?
    Gaffers Tape is primarily used by the Film Studios by tradesmen or tradespersons with the title of gaffers, hence the name "Gaffers of Gaf Tape". It's non-reflective property minimizes any glare into the camera during filming.
    Duct Tape while originally developed for use on air ducts plays a significant role in the Special Events Industry by the Party Rental and Audio Visual Companies, the Hotel Banquet & Catering Departments and the Balloon Decorating Companies.
  4. What product is best to tape on a dance floor?
    Vinyl tape commonly referred to as Aisle Marking Tape in Warehousing and Manufacturing is known as Dance Floor Tape in Special Events. Available in solid colors as well as stripes.
  5. How do you remove adhesive from electrical cord (A/V cable)?
    Use Oil Flo to remove that gummy adhesive residue. The product is also good for scuff marks on dance floors and I've heard, even chewing gum on carpet. No kidding. And it's also FDA approved.
  6. Is there any product available to protect food service areas from spillage?
    Yes. "Surface Mask" has been introduced to address that specific issue. It is clear, puncture resistant and removes cleanly on most surfaces.

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